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The Artisans

Formed in 2005, Artisans of Barossa is a group of five wineries who share a like-minded approach to winemaking and wine enjoying. The collaboration of Hobbs of Barossa Ranges, Schwarz Wine Company, John Duval Wines, Sons of Eden and Spinifex Wines represents a determined and heart felt commitment to work together to encourage and promote the art of small batch, sub-regional Barossa winemaking.


Hobbs of Barossa Ranges

Greg & Alli Hobbs and their 3 kids moved to the Barossa in 1995 leaving the city behind for a new life amongst the vines. The vineyard that encircles their home high up in the Barossa ranges is one of the district’s oldest, and each year produces a tiny harvest of intensely flavoured grapes. The connection the Hobbs’ have to their vineyard is like few others. They look over it every morning when they wake up, they pass through it every morning taking the dog for a walk, they work in their vineyard every day… and each evening they enjoy a glass of wine from the fruit they’ve grown from the vines that surround them. Beautiful place, beautiful people…magnificent, richly flavoured wines that reflect the hard work and love that goes into making them.


Sons of Eden

The winery takes its name from the partners Corey Ryan (winemaker) and Simon Cowham(viticulturalist) who learnt and refined their respective crafts over many years working in the vineyards and cellars of Eden Valley. The Sons of Eden approach to wine is simple - to produce wines with flavour and personality from vineyards of unique character within the world class Barossa region. The combination of winemaker and grape grower working in unison defines Sons of Eden and makes them one of Australia’s great winemaker/ grape grower double acts - the quality of their wines living testament to the adage that one plus one can equal three. 





John Duval Wines

Quiet consideration, patience and a commitment to doing things ‘just right’ are ingrained with John Duval’s DNA. His humility, gentlemanly demeanour and ‘think then act’ approach are hugely admirable.

From a family boasting four generations of South Australian vignerons, John Duval is one of the world's best known winemakers. After 28 years with Penfolds, including 16 years as Chief Winemaker, John launched his own label in 2003 with the aim of producing wines of structure and elegance from exceptional Barossa vineyards. In John’s own words “John Duval Wines will never be another Penfolds - it is simply my chance to express my 40 plus years of premium winemaking knowledge using some of the best fruit in the world.”

Schwarz Wine Co.

The Schwarz family most definitely qualifies as ‘local’ in a Barossa sense. Five generations a resident, then two generations as grape growers, and now Jason Schwarz as a first-generation winemaker. Jason hasn’t strayed too far from home either when it comes to sourcing fruit for his brilliant wines. The vineyards his parents planted are now the very same ones that form the back bone of his ‘Barossa to the bootstraps’ wines. Jason’s approach to winemaking is pragmatic – “I insist I’m not a winemaker in a technical sense…mine is a pragmatic approach to making what I describe as ‘agricultural wines’. A practical solution to a farmer’s need to do something with his grapes. Perhaps not as polished as others, but honest expressions of a farmer’s produce and me as a bloke that turns grapes into wine for a living.”


With family roots and extensive wine-making experience in the South of France, there is a strong French connection which drives the style and feel of Spinifex. Started in 2001 by Peter Schell and Magali Gely, Spinifex sources grapes from some of the oldest Barossa and Eden Valley vineyards planted to the classic Mediterranean varieties (Shiraz, Grenache, Mataro, Cinsault, Carignan and Ugni Blanc) that have been successfully grown in the Barossa for over 150 years. With a winemaking philosophy that embraces sustainable vineyard practises and minimal intervention in the winery, there is a strong focus on producing wines where balance, purity of fruit and restraint is key. Such an approach delivers wines with a strong sense of integrity, personality, regional character and style.