Along with Shiraz and Mataro, Grenache has been a stand out feature on the Barossa’s red wine landscape since vines were first planted here over 170 years ago. Barossa today lays claim to be home to the oldest Grenache vineyards in the world, and produces a diverse range of compelling expressions of a variety that is rapidly emerging a favourite amongst the region’s artisan winemaker community.


In the last few months, the faith of the Barossa wine community in its old Grenache vineyards has been rewarded spectacularly. Bethany Wines’ 2016 Grenache was awarded Best Red and Best Wine at the Barossa Wine Show, and Turkey Flat’s 2016 Barossa Grenache won Australia’s most famous wine award, the Jimmy Watson Trophy (a first for a Grenache wine). Barossa Grenache’s light has never shone more brightly.


The Grenache Project is an exciting new initiative from Artisans of Barossa, representing six wines made by our six winemakers from a single Barossa vineyard. Each winemaker was allocated two rows of vines, and left entirely to their own devices. Responding to a simple brief…’Make a Grenache you'd like to drink’, the Project has produced a set of wines that are testament to the outstanding vintage and an emphatic statement of the supreme qualities and deliciousness of Barossa Grenache. And whilst the character of the vineyard is evident throughout, each wine stands apart from the others, bearing the distinct imprint of the maker through style, character and flavour. For adventurous discovers of small batch Barossa winemaking, The Grenache Project is not to be missed.


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Mini Greanche Project 17

When 6 wine makers take on just a half a tonne of fruit each, naturally you'd expect vastly different results.  Style differences are amazing just as are quantities produced.

Different methods of wine making will invariably lead to different quantities of wines produced.  

This 'mini' set sees project wines from Jason Schwarz, Jaysen Collins and Corey Ryan/Simon Cowham.  (Schwarz Wine Co, Massena and Sons of Eden respectively) + 3 of our most loved Grenaches from the broader Artisans of Barossa Portfolios.


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Artisans Grenache Project 2017

The 2017 Grenache Project is available now for delivery before Christmas to Friends of Artisans. Each pack contains a single bottle of each plus an exclusive storybook detailing the story behind the Project and each wine. Price is $250 per pack plus $10 delivery.

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Thanks for the support of our exciting Grenache Project. It has sold out now, but please have a look at the Mini project!