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Sal Johnson
17 September 2015 | Sal Johnson

I Heart Grenache

International Grenache Day

Friday the 18th of September



For anyone who has spent anytime tasting through the wines here at Artisans it will come as no surprise that this has to be our (and mine personally) favourite of all the International <insert grape variety> Days of all. We have put together a fantastic little line up of some of our favourites that will be on the pour here at Artisans over the next few days.

Grenache has long been the working horse grape variety here in the Barossa, doing much of the heavy lifting in the Fortified Wine production in the early history of wine production here in the Valley. With its ability to be able to cope incredibly well with our hot dry summers and dry growing conditions it unfortunately fell out of favour in the recent past and we lost many of our historic vineyards during the Vine Pull Scheme of the 1980’s.


From the pulpy, bright and juicy Schwarz Wine Co Meta Grenache to the bunchy & spicy Spinifex Papillon, we have the lighter, brighter styles of Grenache is well covered here at Artisans of Barossa. Bringing in the Joven (Spanish term for young wines) bracket is the Teusner Joshua, a classic trio of the iconic Barossa varieties of Grenache, Mataro and Shiraz but with no time in oak. Followed closely behind by the Massena Moonlight Run, where Grenache plays a supporting role to Mataro. We then head into more traditional territory with the ever popular Sons of Eden Kennedy GSM (an ode to the growers who kept their Grenache vines in the ground during the aforementioned Vine Pull Scheme) with structured oak and fruit persistence. For the Grenache purists amongst you all we round out the bunch with two classic examples of old vine Grenache. The Schwarz Thiele Road is from a 75yo vineyard located in Bethany and tended to by the Schwarz family since planting. A classic example of Barossa Grenache with poise and restraint while still retaining presence, dare I say it, Barossa Pinot! Last but by absolutely no means least is the latest addition to the line up, the John Duval Annexus Grenache. Sourced from two 100+ yo vineyards that have stood the test of times and the seasons. A structured Grenache that will benefit from time in the cellar where those old vine Grenache savouriness will shine.


Antonio's Gravatar
@ 13/01/2016 at 5:09 PM
Black wine is liked by many of the Frech people. The most of the grenache is produced in the french. There are some variation of the flavour and the quality of the taste, but more or less all types of black wines are hearted by the grenache lovers.

James Johan's Gravatar
James Johan
@ 02/06/2016 at 7:37 PM
Nice Blog

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