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Sal Johnson
12 February 2016 | Sal Johnson

Mataro on my mind.


What's the latest - Over the past 5 years Jason Schwarz has tweaked and refined his Chenin Blanc, a variety that he first fell in love with early on in his winemaking career in South Africa and getting it to taste just how he wanted. This year the delicious Chenin Blanc (and Rose) have been tweaked in more ways than one, the outside got some love too! The new look Chenin and Rose are the perfect pair for this gloriously sunny weather that we are enjoying (basking in even) at the moment. The Chenin has crisp and crunchy apple notes and the Rose is bone dry and savoury.

What's on the pour this weekend at Artisans - Simon has put together this weeks Tasting List with Mataro on his mind. We have the Meta Mataro, Massena Mataro and the elusive Sons of Eden Stavros Mataro all on tasting this week to give you the chance to taste one of the varieties that is the backbone of all those Barossa blends that we love. As well as Mataro we have some delicious lighter reds on tasting with the Spinifex pair - Pinot and Papillon.
To view what's on the pour this week at Artisans click here
What's cooking -  I just spied the run sheet for this Sundays lunch and anyone would think its Valentines day. Never have I seen the floor plan so full of single tables, its usually larger groups and shared plates. The Harvest Kitchen crew are trialing some more delicious dishes this week, soon to be seen on the menu. I'm not going to give away any secrets but lets just say that Barossa Vegetarians will be very happy with the new dishes over the next few weeks or so.

Sal Johnson


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