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Howard Duncan
10 July 2019 | Barossa, The Artisans | Howard Duncan

Six Origins - Corey Ryan & Simon Cowham Angaston Barossa Shiraz 2018

Six Origins is a new project by Artisans of Barossa, following in the footsteps of the hugely successful Grenache Project. Whereas the Grenache Project explored the influence of the winemaker on the flavour and character of Grenache, the Six Origins project will turn your attention to the influence of origin on Barossa wine. Corey Ryan and Simon Cowham from Sons of Eden selected a parcel of Shiraz from a vineyard at Angaston on the Barossa Valley’s eastern edge as their contribution to the first release of Six Origins.

“We selected a wine made from fruit grown in a vineyard located on the eastern slopes of the Barossa ranges in the Barossa Valley region. The landscape here is challenging, the sub surface geology dominated by rich deposits of marble covered by thick sediments of pebble and bright red soils which have washed down from higher parts of the ranges over the last few million years. The vineyard is at 360 meters above sea level and has an easterly facing aspect, with vines planted east-west. It receives excellent exposure to the soft morning sun, with the ranges behind providing shade in the afternoon which assists with slowing down ripening. Hence whilst located in the Barossa Valley, the distinctive geography of the site results in the fruit being harvested at the same time as Shiraz from Eden Valley. What makes this wine so intriguing is that you can detect both classic Barossa Valley and Eden Valley Shiraz characteristics in a wine made from a single vineyard location. The wine smells and tastes the way it does entirely because of the unique location of the vineyard. Deep crimson in colour with a perfumed spicy mix of wild-berry and dried Spring herbs. The palate is richly concentrated with a focused red fruit core surrounded by delicious, supple layered tannins.” 

Six Origins by Artisans of Barossa features six Shiraz wines from the outstanding 2018 vintage, each from a different vineyard, each produced by a different artisan winemaker. Collectively, Six Origins showcases the range of expression in Shiraz made possible almost entirely by diversity of the Barossa landscape, and presents you the wine lover with a ‘journey of discovery’ opportunity. To travel confidently across the Barossa vineyard map through a sequenced tasting guided by the insights of each winemaker into the origins and flavour, character and texture of their wine.

Each pack is priced at $350 and availability is strictly limited. By joining our Friends of Artisans program, you also benefit from our Freight Cap Guarantee, and pay no more than $10 to have your wine delivered to any address in Australia. You can order Six Origins via our online wine store, or contacting Artisans of Barossa on (08) 8563 3935.


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