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Sal Johnson
22 October 2015 | Sal Johnson

Wine Club Selections, it's a thankless task but someones got to do it!


Here at Artisans the Tasting Room team are getting their taste buds warmed up and ready to be put to the test. The first of our Wine Club Packs are set to be sent in the first week of November and who better to entrust with the task of making the selections than the fab team we have behind the Tasting Bar. The team are tasting through a selection of the finest examples we have to offer, and as they are well versed as to what you are all loving when you visit you can be sure the selection will be spot on.

To start us off we have two different tiers of wine packs on offer (stay tuned for more to come in the New Year). The Seasonal Selection is the perfect way to stock up on wines that are just right for enjoying now and are matched to the season ahead, this release we are thinking all things Riesling, Rose and lighter slurpy Reds. The Six for the Cellar pack is a great way to stock up on wines that will benefit from some time in the cellar and we will always try and include a wine that has already spent some tim, handy for those impatient souls like myself. This release we are including some old favourites as well as some that are set to be your next go to red from the cellar.


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