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Howard Duncan
5 April 2018 | Howard Duncan

Winemaker in the House Program

We believe the keystones to delicious and exceptional Barossa wine are caring for where it comes from and how it is made, and encouraging and promoting individual expression. When you visit Artisans of Barossa, we want you to be able to make sense of Barossa in its entirety by bringing together every possible expression of Barossa wine along with great stories and the flavoursome food from Harvest Kitchen.

As the 2018 vintage draws to a close, we’ll once again welcome our winemakers into the Artisans house. Every weekend beginning on the 14 & 15 of April through to the end of June, you’ll meet the people who make our wines, and talk to them about their approach to winemaking - learning more about where each of their wines come from, how they are made and what makes them so very special. Coming so soon after vintage, you’ll see plenty of purple hands and sense first-hand the excitement shared by all about the exceptional quality of this year’s harvest.

Along with the established names like John Duval Wines, Sons of Eden, Schwarz Wine Company, Spinifex, Hobbs of Barossa and Massena there’ll also be a few new names. John Lienert from Jack West Wines out on the Barossa’s Western Ridge will join us for the first time, Andy Cummins and Emma Welling from Rasa Wines, Tim Smith from Tim Smith Wines and Sarah & Phil Lehmann from Max & Me will return to Artisans for a second time this year.

The winemakers will be in the house from 12-4pm each Saturday and Sunday. Why not make a lunch booking with Harvest Kitchen, and either before or after lunch, spend some time with our winemakers getting to know a little more about them and their particular take on the art of small batch Barossa winemaking.

The next Winemaker in the House program begins on April 14 & 15 with Rasa Wines.

Keep in touch and RSVP to our events through our facebook page.



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