About Artisans of Barossa

Artisans of Barossa is a group of like-minded producers with a common goal to protect and promote small batch, sub-regional winemaking. 

We are six individual wineries, with different winemaking styles representing the breadth and diversity of our home - the Barossa Valley.

What binds us together is a commitment to making inspirational wines that uphold the culture and traditions of Barossa. 

We will make products that excite, inspire and delight our customers and each other.

Above all we must maintain a sense of pride and fun in everything we do.

Wine is our life, life is our passion. 


Our Home

"There can be little doubt that if Australia has a regional wine story that has resonance around the world then it is The Barossa. Comprised as it is of Barossa Valley and its elevated, beautiful high country, Eden Valley.

But The Barossa is more than just a wine region, it is also a vital culture of generational fine wine endeavour, pioneering European influence, gastronomic excellence and strong community spirit. Above all, it is pride in a local sense of purpose and belonging". -Excerpt from the Barossa Chapters.

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The Artisans

Artisans of Barossa was originally formed in February 2006 with a desire to chart new ground in wine styles and flavours, secure the region's reputation for hand-crafted excellence while also aknowledging the contributions of those who came before us. 

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